Cherry Trust

I’ve stumbled across chase to must fare a flower to rust.
Maybe across the road you’ll find a root to hold on too;
it has hair to comb, in soul, and some peaches in its body.

Little do the latte have in common with strawberry
But they have weeped for you; maybe too little to be reminded of
It’s the fondness about the feat that has laughed in jitters.

Always a gimmick – a little rhapsody of raspberry
It rings to revive the answer to arm you in dreams
And it rhymes all the blurred moments into an apogee

To sake a saki, still blue, is to cinematize a doodle and watch it move
Unlike beans that believe in their squeamish play
Although the raffles ride half ridden, the raids too have their dues.

In the undertone of the slur, the sludge silvers upon a samadhi
It plunges too little, vagrant in its apology
Still it makes me wonder and out-wound I sip into the kaleji.

How abound the baffled barter have found in their skin?!
Peeled off, it speaks in a river, thin at the mouth and often littered
But the remedy to all aashiqui lies in a heartfelt of cherry

Speaking of sultry, the saddle wakes and breathes a beet
I can read into minds if I have another of those drinks off hops and barley
Only it doesn’t do ‘bite me, I live off like allergy.’

So caught up I have turned to trees for talking
So frills have found their masks made of icicles
And I’ve come to don a new smile; all it says is ‘chase cheese and cream.’

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2018
Image © Waterford and Cherry by Soon Y

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