Release from Mephitis

This still agape an inch off me
Other worldly, and out of tomb crafted
A silence so heaves
A sleuth is in mourning
A shudder too ploughs the pose as a shatter
Thus I remember my morning

In coasters of yesterday, the market pasted its signs
I read the letter carefully
So the word found a freckle
Now I am off the sleeves to mill the mould
Finally, the mound has recovered senses
In its future, it sees another fold

Out again at the pier
Left aloft alone in skin
Left to skip against the wind
Open ends bummed brittle
The closure counting to a brief reprise
My heart held at the crown of my fingers, flooded

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2018
Image © Rebirth of Earth by EmbrisionArts

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