Sun on the Violet Woman

Lean the devil
He ain’t getting nowhere nowadays
’cause he’s stuck with a woman

Woman is an anvil
She spends all the meal for bullets
Well, she has her back against my goals
And all I understand
is that she stands dire and twenty one
No, can’t say it’s her ire
But she’s not the only one

I know the dream
I know the word stuck in the bird’s ears
She ain’t going nowhere
Ready to fall by the chasm

Some whine too loud on the streets
But you can hear the queen’s fire

Chew your dream, dear
Ruminatw on cream, dear
The world ain’t going anywhere

Will the misty mire trip you too?
Will the jeopardy scream to you too?

Dream upon the dreaming docks
Dream upon the wayward pines
Cheer the train going nowhere
Here, see the waking sun – it’s daydreaming in your memory

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2018
Image © Zacarias Guterras

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