Not Now

It has been a while – half a day halt back, since I freaked a fuck off my head
Since time got together to tear a scream out my nerves
Although I have pushed for a dream to seethe and soothe
All for a jolt to redo my ennui into a bolt

Not now I pace in about anything that leads amiss
The treks too trail in windward weather while all it seems –
a pleasure in pleads.
The lime is a litter full of ghosts in all its seams.

The hark is a principled azure I cheer to seal a bite
The challan draws an ire to figured appeals
Not now it seems that I have meant to mean
Not now that I strangle in between the mires

It travels awhile, alight and undone
Till it challenges a drive to drivel unrun
Whether all it seems over a wheeze, the jeer
The liar in me leaps away in its lepered reels

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2018

Image – Demons by Tommy Inberg

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