Man at Ease

While the rainbow sets its slide
Down the mountain trail
Waiting for men to discover where the chains rest
The hounds keep barking and the sea shells are away
Where do you get the dancing curtains to soar?

Today the moth called from the hiding
He says,”He has found a rope to climb the hill.”
No man takes to the river in the storm
But the wise are waiting for flood to halt
Little letters bind minute scales and on the back, Bach has smeared his name

Towers still rule the sky
Towards a kite flies to the top
Like meniscus calling the brim
For floating butterflies in the garden don’t lie
Yards have yellowed from crisp leaves

Minting a feather or minding my own bruises
These are the lovers letters that talk right to me
Your half healed scattershots must be inflamed
Soothe them with satire if the flowers don’t wake
Even they have a trouble with smelling the same

I like to wade my dreams on a culinary skill
Away from knives and fork
I, at most, use spoons to full the fill
Counting lions who shape my forest
Weather is nice to pull some patience

How about we roll the reef and set the moon on a still
Basking full and breathing air, it may swell into a space fair
Let’s rise to the Sun, not to tight, for it may burn
And the kindling flames tire on ground
But the ones I mean from the sky are falling unfurled

The town is a seed to which I put my words through
The town is a blurry scene for which I suggest to hold the coal
Lights are out in full, dribbling away the men in tune
Like a strung thoroughfare, where music plays to the mood in air
Are the bees are heaving full? They need some ears but not too shrill

In the flea market, the feast is upcoming
The inns air baking butter and cream and smiles air uneven
So the last loud thump was of the reaper
He says,”Merry! Cheer! No fear!”
No one can be haunted by dark too long here.

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2018

Photo Credits – HummingDragon by Android Jones

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