Adjourned Legacy

I wouldn’t be tripping
for a while
as I’ve gotten used
to the point
of embracing my
demented mind
‘on an all out berate
against my own self,’
as it tries to dwindle a
lost memory for a cause
I can barely remember.
It happens to dive
right through the gravity
of my beliefs as I fail to archive
my patience over my ISO-apocalyptic solace,
and it rarely paves to be
in front of a crowd
that relieves, (rather relives)
a stringent scope
I’d rather be inane with
but it trills on its. . .

Than tripping I’d found
myself looking all over,
(raised apostrophes drain)
and it peeves amok –
an appearance out of its
braided beau, as he
attempts to forge
a untimely distraction,
to the breeches that branch
and foliage that fetches –
a subluminal ecstasy,
drawn in doors to decree
a flavored mist moist
and an apology
that sweeps tides of its floor
and the wind of its blow
so I can keep going on,
in my frivolity,
a chance to be;
and I take my space
(my axe folded in cues)
as out it rips
an envelope wrought in two
minutes of silence
as it tweets.

I’ll forever be trifling
my face off the frills,
making my niche a temporary trick
to find myself an answer to,
to fiddle a drum,
a cursed verge,
as they pivot a puberty
out of its poverty.
In my lone time, loop aided I have
found for the sake
of the saki
and for the ale off the sale
left to pier peace
conversing in sapphire,
and a gold plaited
right while it stares,
across the toad
of the palaces
to wink off the oiled loose notes
as they pause for the
obscenity of propensity
out of which flows my
lather sleazed sliver
of silver trips.

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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