Of Grievance and Defiance

Of awaken grit that steeps in mid air
trying to undo the remarks of labyrinth,
I seize in infinity a speck to undo time,
with all my vicissitudes wonder alive –
what time can mark the making of memory,
in its absolved trance feed the beckoning

Nearing into an apology
as is the most idle thing to do,
We whistle past infirmity
to outdo the juggernauts of sleep

Its wavering stutters into a midline
as it tries to grasp the meaning.
It has lobular borders where the truth swings
In its fiddle find the surreal ships

No mean to better the bullish breath
All the time is a faded attire
Where the brush weaves a draconian law –
outlaws of the ether, either swindles appearances
Teetering to the joyous everglades, a moment of servitude
The hassle keeps the numb minced in minute undertones

A Flagrant vacancy cages an absurdity
in its plied poisons to savour disbelief.
Catching a rhythm is afar horrendous –
all done is to breathe the nomento.
The flier fickles in its fleeting by lanes
To whisper the reapers disparate disappointments

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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