Greetings from a Roadside Shop

Staking out at the road. No brittle breeze to strike the flame.
The mannequin has found amethyst while punctuated in rain.
Rest has sold swift on the tip
I sweep a roar, having been over bored
Twice treating myself for anxiety
Once getting the lift over scourge

The town has a bother. It finds fathoms to trust for tryst
Rage burns out of no mean age
The channel is broken: back and forth between eclipse and sunburn
A row boat ridding on a sea of serpents
The giddy gallops suit the dark sky
The platter reads of satires and bitter pills of sick

Nowhere to be gone; no place to dart things over
A pier pushes crystals back into the depths
Cruising catalysts. A cage; and they glitter
Thousand untimely rescues from nakedness of borders
Afar the jingle jars a plaintiff to find a vocation
Seemingly affairs are caught well scarce, between scammed and scum

The fire touches upon the lips a tower
It has kneaded a birth; in kiln it ceases off life
True trails have left virtues in a bag pack
The little clandestine caterers sue from the shades
With a pitcher to draw in farce
While a pot pleas the bygone scar

In yelps the ghettoes have greeted to lame
The hints of a sea has trained
What with the withering boots finding no claim?
In the extreme, cymbals gorge and gut the game
Revoked and retorted on under the same lash
The gore grinds a beacon to tether to sand

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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