Four Passes Before the Passé


Hell, baby, hell
Thunder where fell
White wash wishy-wacky
Where will you be happy?

Tell, baby, tell
Say it with your eyes.
Broken back, boogie bag
Don’t you be so sad.

It shall come; here it will
Where will you be?
Daddy’s thirsty, momma’ ugly
Baby, wish a shower for me.


Together we go – fiends, my fool
Away to woods, wary and wooled
A hither here and a tither there
Trying tied and a hand lifted in air

Do you trek to tool?
A resemblance of my end will
A hurl inside a punch
and an unfurling hill

A bitter pill to beat
Being the willow who speaks
I till a trill, a true feat;
you veer your say, I say I will.


Fingers cool whisking root
My floor in shambles to leg a room
Trickle now and fickle then
A pier to hang by, peer fed health

Yonder the wayward twin
Yours truly savouring films
Blue dot blurry, becoming billed
To hours undone, two trying smooth skin

Hairs off the tail
A piercing gaze paired
Like lover lulls into sermon
Finding faults in color


Words worth yelled well
Dye your dire face dry
Must you find a figure
Must you figure a fail

Other tryst to trail
Try the one where you frail
Feather for a fortune
A sickle says it can sway

Sew your eyes to the bones
Bone your tears to the throes
Quip a little before you quit
In quilt, you’ll quiver to even cut

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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