The Ride into Walled Valley

I have sought and seen;

Waving liquors rub.

Hand me a libel, post me in an ending.

Out of the way – my soul has returned –

From its journey,

Down the stairs of heaven.

Putting away my ends to declare

Blowing the wheels out of turn

To take a swing on the route

And pounce from beneath

Like love letters

Doing and done all along.

With the pulse out

I was hanging about,

The maidens of Babylon

Trying to charm my lights out.

It seems here in my eyes

A daffodil reached, it stick a sight.

Oh, yes! I found the fiend –

My soul’s sitting baby

It’s the worry that turned him against me

It is the love he hates.

I have faultered on those fields

Where deeds’ slope leap lethal.


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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