Silence Puzzled While Ugly Walls Her


Silence speaks

At peace, in peak, when she escapes

Into her sleep

Puzzled words reveal

Her magic waves,

Awhile, the many faces feast

While it’s still

She dances her weeping heart

To sail the boat, fast a raft

Ugly lines first,

In drivel of her, to cape the brave

And she wits it with a smile

Walls turn hungry

The paint pilfriges on

For her to shake the dress off

Her letter is a ghost;

It comes by in the dark as a pause,

Unravelling the night’s scare



She kills a free bird –

It’s her mock pity to drive me insane;

All pretensions to pose a juxtaposition

She can’t keep a word clean

Her eyes are wild, a sight for dirty

She isn’t made for hiding

Empty she caves in

Into her newfound desires

Her thriving throne

The throes of her rally are all pits

The stops are wheel and wiring eating

There she cribs on her satire

Faster can she wiggle her bun

Her cold cast hair trouble none

So she wills them on a lease

The profane is a loud swallow

For her to brush deep to gallows

The words’ eye, the field’s shower


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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