The Reading Into a Gathering

Littered as letters of past that speak sin in tatters, meeded in matters mute
Like love lived once again in fine figures; the dune to journey full moon
Drawn on a paperboat, in the ocean, on a mirror, a pawned pile limbers
Sound waving past the ears a memory – a gutted trail of emancipation
Whirls a vacancy that smiles across in ink, gleaming in its attire – the gloom
Black in woven worry, blue within the starry, sit-staring, blaze-gazing zephyr
To outlive the mercurial life, it aroused, and lead a mock cry bringing a break in ring
In the crystal sling hanging a hair width farther than the compass that is wired within

Lurking over the lore – untied and in flight, a lark, lit, devoid of sleep, finds some time
To manaeuver through, across the words, into the satire that harks and swings
The goaded flutter, the Sunday glitter – marooned moon in the backwaters
Soon pariah, seeks a medallion, to travel in beads and in blossoms
Nook and niche, curve and crib, cured of curses, enchanted with tresses
Triple crippled by the fiery fumes, lets go into a tricky trickle of rough tunes
Garbed in ghouls’ gears, undone with spikes in the rapture’s found ashore
Whistles into the wayward view a song sung sitting through the melancholy mound

Maraunding past the pair to seek a new fortune, of gullies desiccating
Over the riverbed found bowing a boat to bury the beacons
It is evening shaking off mirage of the fleeting fear turned demon
From the bowers of trusted trees and lavenders’ scream can heard
A fume favoured in fine regimen with a soon to loom tune hither
Travels the time, trickles the hair, leaving a scent to renew a blank stare
Guessing dire into the affair of bloom, reign the fiends in their winds agoof
Blare-bare a guard, a jutted rhythm reading into ride an awe and a wreck

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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