Ballerina – I

I lie upside down on tarmac

To turn the gazelle when it wings the forest

Trying to tie a noose to roar away the hyenas

In the sleep of yesternight, I also saw crippling silence

Saw it, as it wave from dark to the coast

Felt it, as it shave away sand into its belly across the shore

For a time, I remember almost no sight of my peeled skin

Bones bickering whether am I buried or hanging

My chasm to draw the little effigy I promised myself teeths me

I’ve been meaning to return to the streets some laughter they gave me

In the puddle under the porch of burger joint, see my reflection swing back a smile

It still seems a little early to try that drag, the canopy smugs me even

Light mends a plea I left at the gates of the cemetery

From the other side, a wrinkling tree’s flourish greens away agony

The melting mind moves inside a moment that I scarcely believe to rest in me

I had been seeing scare, hearing disfigured words

Like made up dreams that lost colours, and their mahouts are away

So they cripple me to my innocence in their own tense parade

Tailing on my vacancy, I draw to my sleep a loose sense

It’s my roller coaster ride, my trip to space, behind my sky rocketing

Like having lost all time and suddenly flushed through a black hole

Meaning to mine my mind to moan a mental orgasm

I mind my gap where I slipped last time

Here I will to word a lie to end my escape that builds a pyre


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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