Letters Sighed a Feud

I safely had a year or two, sane but undone
Before I bit the ear through and through, alone and steamed
Tried to calm. The nerves wouldn’t stop. Listening? No.
I saw the teeth fall to floor, eyes glistening
The thawd jumped, fumed at a facade. All I was steered.
To battered attempts, the breaks barriered.

Times – I had, and the bare bliss bleeded me
I carried the vacuity through, struggling not impeached
The burns buried had a left over meal over my skin
They had to bear a mark or two, breaking and burgling
Then I went the ballistic. I had to.
I had a fair or two. Named after me the crowd rung the clouds.

It seemed I was through and better off still
Then ended the fanfare, the public went chill
The people had places to go and they pursed their lips, parched
I summed my jar to zero, all numbers tingling, mingling, fetched far
I couldn’t wait and wouldn’t forego and forget
A gun fired. The bullets found. I stood as a pun.

The face was there and so was the kneel
The posters played and paid pie by an inch
“I could let it through, it satires me.”
It castrated the fathom itself could not see.
I felt a little numb and was a bit nauseated.
Then the tamed turned itself into the mane

I was bellingaring all over and the pause just came and went
How to divide my time between this and that
I had and the sip and the swig turned aghast
I looked at me
Myopic I blasted the eyes and they kissed.
How to find me; I sledged, I sled.

I had an errend to return and that conceived to last
Whatever ran in my shield came to be undone through the past
If the aim was fickle, it turned azure
The mind minuted the feud
I could find a jeopardy as if were the tune.
It berated and it paraded and it got a view.

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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