Seven to Drop, Each One in Four


Places peace a parody

People seize a rhapsody

Distance heaps hangover

Urgency reaps agony



Letters subluminal

Heights date lunacy

In surges a stranger

Fallacy discovers chastity



Fingers tale a fawn

The grass grips

Abyss grows

The eyes can see



The letters cusp

A harp usurps

Heart scissors

Ridge ruptures



Fiddle finds a line

A drum battles boom

The strait is a booted corridor

Lid screwed a little low



Little lies dew over holes

A paper pawn picks a tone

Tattered attires trick to beget

Times change a carousel to roulette



Triangle tricks a tale

A circle throttles full

The lines meet to detail

A fiend figures a troll


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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