The Raise and the Rise; The Death and Decline

How far the sea has come?
When I wake in the night and see the sand done
The morning mourns the vacated truth
And it draws coast to silence

How cool the clouds become!
When they savor their breath
When they let down their weight
And evening becomes a song of the dusk

I think of the mountains when they rock
They become strangers of their own lands
They stall their death
And lo! The winter waits for its dawn

I thought of a river when it broke waters
And it sew the land together
Drowned in its sorrow, it woke with a fury
It told a story with melancholy,

I have come this far, witness of the past
With a touch of the sea and a little help from the clouds
The mountains I deter, they defy, but I deny and find
My peace when I leave the land fertile

The man figures a hair width life
He finds his sense in the space of time
All that he could and all that he would
He leaves behind the closest brook


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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