Pirate II – The Winding


Thwarted by ocean, seized by sea

Sewn apiece; ratted, rattled, razed and ruined


Salt brushed off wounds’ malice

Curses rent off choking chalice


The present is a past, an ongoing agony

My scream bereaves my will off charity


The eye tears an inch; The gape burnt

I hinge on the brim of sanity, my infancy returns.



Trouble bred and brewed my sorrow

I had wings but no soul to follow


In my bread of morning, I saw silence

A whirling aroma – maybe scent of a siren.


Surfs down, sails up

Sea scared, still seeking Sun


Sought the stars, got undone by heaven

My knee to temple, I staggered.



The market sung by maidens of fortune

Peers over the young – their lovely bosoms.


The spring has set again, stoned colours

The streets are home naked, disfigured.


A hint of grace comes from the greys

The stillness a stare – a long road, too old to fare


I savour my brush till I can keep

A heart my own sails a million leaps.



Every turn I saw a reckoning

A wreck I found, too enamouring


It spoke of a dawn din the dusk

And a thunderstorm that wielded the Sun


Time had found a hope in me

It rested my soul; To that I seek


I see my wings off crown and a heart that deceives

I see you lingered on, friend. You are the same as me.


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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