To Hold Still or Instill 

It’s been a while since a sunbeam caught en route the earth lit a sarcophagus spread underneath the rust.


I’ve been burning all day trying to bring to an end, without ending myself in the flames of my own undoing – a company that found me, relentless and ravishing.


Flickering and finding in the fumes, I leave trying to be a spy on lookout for the kill of the throne.


Dirt kills me. Jeopardy becomes a wrath. I split open myself in the lead of a hawk being eyed.


I’ve been combing the truth with its back and I can’t pierce the thorn that decided to land on my hand.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I see and seek so I die a death in between the scream of dying months.

Separately I begin a question I can’t answer. I know I can’t undo. But it keeps the fire burning for the road to enlighten.


And I have jumped the gun or the gun rattled so I have tried to keep calm. And I have settled on the ocean’s cool branch. It just makes me human. Pathetic sometimes but not a poser.


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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