Two Riffs off An Echo


Hell to fold for my love. Oh! Don’t ask me why
I have a ton of misfortune – feathers of my crooked crown

I lease a pair of mischieves, and the train leaves the town
Telling all I have frequented the fables to table the beasts around

All places been, I recall the same dream – a mare worshipping a wolf
The bare bones last while the winter is snowing

It is as mysterious as black-raid falling a blunt to usurp
A black thief breaking in the dark to build a black empire.

The struggles estranges and smears a sneer nearer to neither
The barrow that is broken or a barrel that is the token

Left alone to live in letters, she finds herself in the song
In a carousel of hope looking outside the window.

It’s a steer to wary the wolf. It’s a stand to remain human.
I find the relay a round too late and she has already met the demon.

Taken in by a hollow promise, a hate rides the riddle
In all the places, a girl has found the same field in a strained satire

Welled up and shielded from the spheres, she swears on her steed
She takes in a breath, skulled and culling, a jab herself to stunned-oblivious.

Once the night braided and bridled breaks into tides of cosmos
The floor is lit, ready to be flooded, and the light is earth shattering

In one place, the paid pipe the pearls; and the frills are frail
The otherworld cheeks of a shrill affair, and the fog lifts, faces unveil.

The blight believed and blurted finds a toll to forgive
The girl in blue dress has found a forgotten vow to chase n’ cheese.

In and out of oddlings’ attire, she braces to a girl with seven sapphires
Having gotten about the burial of imprisoned dreams, she speaks.

It seems the world estranged has come nearer to its search
It seems the time has turned a tomb where the womb once took birth.

©Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017-2018

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