Hell Ain’t Gonna Ruin My Love

I can’t best the Sun ’cause I don’t undo the Moon

Instead lit up ashes to do me every dream

I can’t let the Sun find the black spotted Moon


Evenings end while I journey to dead end’s secrets

I have a stalker from another island

It appears as a woman marooned

As a man who got fooled

As a tradesman deceived by tricks

As the shadow cast to tell the present’s naked tale to future and fortune


There’s no one else sitting in my room as I take to sleep

Except for the dream that left me

Bitter as it stays, it bears me through the night

Though it eases the pages that got tempered by ink

I can’t save the stars before they fall

And I can’t risk the sky lest they hum a dark tune
I’ll tell you the message in the bottle if it does not worry you

I keep tearing at the corners and the letters keep burning

It’s like a song sung in melody dying a swing every second, giving birth to ecstasy


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017




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