Conciliation of strangeness 

I, for one, have many times

Seen the strange shores talk

In their sleep deprived states

Of the waters that have shone


I have taken the wayward road

To the land stirring with voices

And in their passing, they have talked

Of the dreams that vouched for some sense sanity


In the legless race, I have won

The battles that have only begun

Botched and half baked truth

And a noise that mutes the flute


With harsh hums and some sudden mums

Of record ragged

Have made me choose

Another wish instead of a life I chose


How come the daffodil’s thought remind me of innocence?

They have been numb

Since their last affair with the supple rain

Yet have the fragrance


I have foregone madness

Finally, at peace with this rage

Dressed as a clown, asking for the crown

Of the strangeness in all its eminence


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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