Pirate I – The Beginning


Plenty of times, the world has seen

A faded discovery, a past in me


The tomb of wrecks, of cymbals’ spell

A ritual heap the hulls of the ships


Of dreams that can’t be made to undress

Sour souls off piece of flesh


Though the voices linger, I still hear

The rage that burns when love tears



Will you let me in?

Into the mischief that you dreamt


I saw the covenant.

It spoke of a merchant.


A youth in eye of a host

A crackle who spoke what he saw.


It was a sign – deranged of hope

Maybe an echo, a glimpse, in the end to be told



Know that I’ve given a hand

I have to go to the far off land.


Shadows have forbidden to please a plea

I have forsaken my enmity.


The sea is troubled. Will it take the apology?

The strait so far cool, merges into the ocean. I swim.


Into the air ringing with sweat, I need to agree.

It’s the year’s end, I’ve been buried.



Hangs a sword over my head, thin chord tied

Flesh and bones caught in a storm


I can’t weep. I can’t speak. I can’t do the needed.

I just hang and stare, halfway across the dungeon, groggy


Only a ghost in here. He has been bleeding.

Is it the truth or a lie? Who can say? He has died.


Here for a murder. I killed the captain with a swing.

A stray ass, the bigoted pig – he died a king.


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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