Suffocate Me No More

It’s the wake of moon again, she is her mood again
She lingers the line she can’t escape
Can’t she say, “It’s not her sign”
The light of the bar can’t make it her way
She is the sweet underbelly of the mountain that roars
Can’t she forget
The torment she takes
I am the gardener I can’t tame

Her innards cry for help, I can’t disguise the premonitions
To the morning I prey
Let’s undo the night
Can’t she forgive
“I have a life to live”
She can’t play herself – the life she took
Like the mermaid, she begs to beget
She crawls into her soul

Into the depth, she sees
The torrents of the days to forget
She can’t keep it to her knees
She knew the days end in mad race
The evening even before it had laid
The hatchlings and the ground
The boredom and the fright
The show and the bright lights

© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017

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