When Graves are Sold as Prison

Each day somehow speaks about the occurrence that lead to turn of events. Every day, it is the same – a different reason for the transformation of the belief that somewhere, something brought these changes. They have a tone of overshadowed myths tagging along with them, trying to consider the consequences, bringing to a halt of the various thoughts that lead to undermining the reasons in which I’ve come to believe. There are no paths to walk upon. It’s just me and the strings that attach and strangulate becoming parasitic. They turn the sphere of life into a make belief world that cannot be escaped until the things have found a place amongst themselves, to settle into further states of arguments. Ease of non transference of egos and the limited directions the way can take subtly ignores the tale of misery and lets it takes effect.

There seems to be no end of the drama that churns out these poises of misdemeanour. A sense of withdrawal from this game of patience where very stone first looks then rolls is against the chain of events that can lead to better circumstances. In order to be free of these lethargic undertones, it summons to need the sensibilities to overcome the long drawn conclusions. Freedom begets consequences – these are the sense being taught. How come this date holds to such begotten ideas? Because the strangeness that comes with exploring new ideas of expression seek to understand the reason behind these needs. A sake of shedding skin for the hunger of new bind that keeps the person mean to fit and strike that identical chord where the music cannot be replaced by a new composition.

There are no poises to replicate unless the dancer wishes to withhold ideas. The long drawn conclusions make and break each turn of events into complex hurdles. Each tone mixes with the sound to herald an even bigger machinery which in the end does not appear to be making things simpler. There is only a salt and pepper game running itself over where every addition itself subtracts the meaning behind every action.


© Prateek Joshi and WordPress, 2017



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